Shopsmart Mobile Application, 2007- Orange

  • See Wireframe & User Persona
  • My work on this project included designing user-centred interface, prototyping and user testing. ShopSmart is about providing personalized information services for consumers integrated with a new payment system within the mobile device, using IMS technology.

    We utilize existing 1D barcodes to generate information about the products. The consumer accesses this information by taking a picture of the barcode on the product. The phone decodes the existing data and it is represented to the consumer as information specific to them.

  • Design Specifications

    In designing the interface we used a technique pioneered by Ericsson to identify a perfect user experience.

    The ‘0-1-2-3 principle’

    Zero or no required user behavioral changes.

    One log on, one point of entry, one seamless experience across different media.

    At the most two second response time.

    At the most only three clicks away.

    We also drew inspiration from both the Google approach to searching information and the Amazon approach to providing content relevant to the user.