The Secret Path Installation, 2007

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  • Within the hustle and bustle city, people walk on the street without playing attention their environment or engaging to each other. The elephant and castle pedenstrain underpass plays an important role to the residents' everyday life.

    The Concept of The Secret Path

    With our imaginations, the subway, the residents' every day path, is transformed into a channel of a secret garden.

    The project aspires to improved the experience of frequesnt users of pedestrain underpass. The interactive installation aims to encourage people to slow down and incaarease the user's awarness of the surronding.

    The interaction is based on images of flowers and leaves projected onto the floor around the user's feet in a pedestrian underpass.These organic shpes follow the user creating a trace that will gradually disappear after them.The quantity of lowers and leaves changes according to the speed at which they walk; the slower the user walks,the more shapes appear.

    Besides that, the organic patterns also link people who have the same walking speed.Meanwhile the residents will be invited to draw their own patterns.The patterns will be changed every fortnights in order to keeping attractive to people.